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Authorized Training Centers

All CTA members are Apple Authorized Training Centers (AATCs) using only Apple Certified Trainers (ACTs) as instructors. Each CTA member location strives to provide the industry's premier training experience by paying attention to the details that really make a difference.

Each CTA Member location features fully equipped, hands-on classrooms with all the appropriate hardware & the latest versions of Apple software and courseware for the courses offered at that location.

CTA Members do training right:

  • Clean and professional facilities
  • Adequate desk space with a comfortable chair for each student
  • At least one properly configured, working computer for every student.
  • Properly configured and working networks (when applicable)
  • High quality projectors with good visibility
  • Only the best, most current courseware from Apple & Peachpit
  • Only first class, experienced Apple Certified Trainers
  • Apple Certification testing on-site.

Training is our business.

Because we are experienced professionals we know the pitfalls commonly encountered at technical training sessions and have taken the necessary steps to eliminate these problems in advance. CTA Members have gone out of our way to ensure that our training centers are ready to provide you an environment that optimizes your learning experience. In other words, when you choose a CTA location you can be assured that you will have a superior training experience.

CTA Authorized Training Centers


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